Catholic Schools Week Update from the Principal

Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service” was the theme for the 2016 celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The theme highlights several concepts that are at the very core of Catholic education. Catholic schools are communities of faith, where we proudly teach students about God as we openly pray and worship God on a daily basis. Regular classroom prayers and liturgies form minds, hearts and souls of students, helping them to live as committed Christian disciples. Catholic schools are communities of knowledge as intellectual tradition shows us that faith and knowledge each illuminate the other and allow us to pursue truth and reason without fear, because God is the source of all knowledge and truth. Catholic schools are communities of service. Service is the key to the Christian life as we express love and care for others. These communities of faith, knowledge and service are what make Catholic schools special, what sets us apart from other educational options. Educating the mind is one standard. Educating the heart, mind, spirit and soul is quite another-it is in fact the primary standard in Catholic schools.

We enjoyed an entire week of celebration -On Monday, we celebrated our staff – people who are present in the lives of our children and influence their futures as Christians. Staff enjoyed a delicious luncheon sponsored by our Parent Teacher Guild, and special cards, notes from our families, and a classroom presentation. On Tuesday-we honored our volunteers that work cooperatively with us to make our school community a very special place. On Wednesday, we celebrated our students as we grow and learn with them every day. Students wore Christ the King colors, they enjoyed an ice cream sundae, and the day concluded with a Talent Show and Spirit Rally! On Thursday-we honored our parents who continue to support and work tirelessly to provide a faith-based education for their children. Parents enjoyed a breakfast snack and thank you notes. Also, on this day, the 8th grade attended the official Catholic Schools Week Mass at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral followed by a homemade luncheon at Sr. Fiorentina’s home. On Friday, we reflected on our community. We began the day with a special Mass followed by a donut and juice treat, and played Christ the King School PA Bingo. Wow! What a great week to celebrate our school community!

Our parents have shared with us why they are a part of the Christ the King Catholic School community…

“It is just that…a community with liked minded teachers, staff, parents and students. We enjoy sending our son to Christ the King Catholic School because we believe it is important for him to have a solid educational experience but also one that is built on Christian principles.”

Terrina Murrey

“I have always wanted my son, Eddie, to have a great faith-based education! He has gotten that and more here at Christ the King Catholic School!”

Nicole Evans

“It provides a safe learning environment for my granddaughter. It has provided a loving, caring, and nurturing environment for all of the children that walk in its doors. When I drop her off at school, I am 100%        assured that she will be safe and well taken care of until my return. Thank you Christ the King Catholic School for allowing me an opportunity to be a part of a community that is it’s own village helping to raise our children.”

Lynne Batten

“We feel loved like family here. My son feels loved and I have never had to worry about his well-being! Thank You!”

Keah Archie-King

“We want our grandson to get an education, not only in important school subjects but also to learn about Christ and the love and forgiveness he represents in the world. How can children adapt to this world and not succumb to its evils if they don’t have a good foundation in Christ Jesus? This past Thanksgiving our grandson volunteered to say grace before dinner, and gave the sweetest and most heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving for all of his blessings. He also remembered in his prayer to include those who don’t have as much as he does. Those few moments in time were worth all the tuition spent over the years. My husband and I are active Lutherans but have enjoyed the CK community immensely over the years. We have many friends who attend church there and have always felt the warmth and hospitality of the people. We encourage the school to be a beacon of light in the northwest Detroit community, and praise it for all it has done to give its students an excellent education in all subjects, especially in instilling the love of the Lord, Jesus Christ within them.”

Sally & George Evalt

Our Catholic schools are part of our future as a church and a nation. May God bless them and all who contribute to the important work they do on behalf of the children of our parish and community. Please continue to keep our school community in your prayers.

Your Partner in Education,

Rosanne Jodway, Principal

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