When Chase (CK ) and Chandler (CK ) Cosey won the raffle at the 2018 Spring festival, it didn’t take them long to decide that they needed to find a way to give back. The brothers each graduated this year, Chase from Northville High School and Chandler from Temple University. Although they knew they’d have many expenses of their own coming up, they came up with a plan to use the winnings out of their gratitude and generosity.

They decided to create a $500 scholarship for a CK school student for each of the next 6 years. The first scholarship winner will be scholar/athlete Nicole Lynch!

As the raffle’s $1,000 prize winner, Fr. Clore decided to take up the “Cosey Challenge” and also donate his winnings to CK scholarships!

Are you also up for the challenge? If you would like to join these young men, you can donate online to Christ the King School and specify “Cosey Challenge” in your donation note. You can also spread the word! This is an excellent opportunity for young alumni, through small gifts, to give back and have an impact on current and future CK students!

Specify “Cosey Challenge” in your donation note online, or give by mail: 16800 Trinity St, Detroit, MI 48219

1 thought on “The Cosey Challenge”

  1. Ann Brown says:

    It so nice to see my baby(my student), Nicole, her family won the raffle and gave it back, how awesome is this!!!!!!!!!!

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