School Uniform

A student’s appearance, self respect, and performance complement each other; therefore, proper attire is considered an important element in creating a positive learning environment. All uniform components should be cleaned regularly. School uniforms are worn from the first week of school until the end of the school year.  Students are to arrive and leave school in a complete school uniform. Uniforms are to be worn during the school day except for special dress-up days or other announced events. If, at any time, a student’s attire is deemed inappropriate by a teacher, the student will be sent to the office to call home for appropriate clothes or issued a dress code violation.

Purchasing Uniforms

New uniform jumpers, skirts, pants and shorts must be purchased at Schoolbelles.  You can order from the Schoolbelles Online Store using the school code: SO581 — or you can visit a Schoolbelles store:

Schoolbelles – Westland Crossing Plaza

34770 Warren Rd., Westland

(734) 522-0829

Official CK polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets and gym uniforms must be purchased through the school. You may order these items from the school office.  CK Uniform Order Form

Uniform Attire

Girls: Grades K-4 CK plaid uniform jumper, pleated, knee-length Grades 5-8 CK plaid uniform skirt, pleated, knee-length Grades K-8 CK plaid pants or navy blue uniform pants

Boys: Grades K-8 navy blue uniform pants

Optional: Navy blue, knee-length walking shorts may be worn from May 1st through September 30th.

All Students K-8:

Blouses & Shirts – Solid navy blue or yellow knit polo shirts (must be purchased from the school with the school name). No over sized shirts. Undershirts must be white. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Sweaters – Solid navy blue, button-down cardigan or vest. No trim, logos, prints or hoods.

Sweatshirts –  Navy blue CK sweatshirts or fleece jackets (grades 6,7,8 only) must be purchased from the school.

Shoes & Socks – Black dress shoes (heels no higher than one inch) or Low cut athletic shoes that are solid white with white shoelaces or solid black with black shoelaces. Solid, plain white or navy blue socks, tights, knee socks or anklets are permitted. No leggings,ankle socks/footies, flip flops, sandals or boots are to be worn with the uniform.

Belts – Solid black belts must be worn with pants or shorts that have belt loops.

Make-up & Jewelry –  The use of make-up, dew rags, bandanas, sweat bands, dog tags and jewelry (simple stud earrings only for pierced ears), is considered inappropriate with the school uniform.  Uniform plaid, plain blue, white or red headbands may be worn.

Gym Uniform – Grades 3-8 wear a uniform for gym class.  Official Gym uniform, shorts and t-shirts must be purchased through the school.  Optional sweatpants may be purchased. Gym uniforms are not to be worn under the school uniform.

IMPORTANT: Both school and gym uniforms should be clearly marked with student’s name.

Rules for Casual Dress Days

There will be days during the school year when uniforms will not be required. Parents and students will be notified of these days via the weekly newsletter. The type of dress allowed for these days will be jeans or casual pants, appropriate shirt or t-shirt, and athletic shoes.

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